Customer Service Plan

Lowest Fare

We will notify you when making a reservation or inquiring about a fare on our website, at the ticket counter, or through our telephone reservation center, that the lowest fare offered by us may be available elsewhere, if that is the case.

Flight Status Notifications

Within 30 minutes of becoming aware of delays, cancellations, and diversions, we will provide flight status information to both passengers and the public using the following methods:

  1. An announcement at the boarding gate area;
  2. Flight status boards
  3. Our website;
  4. Our telephone reservation system upon inquiry; and
  5. Any other flight status notification systems offered by us that a passenger has subscribed to.


We will strive to deliver your baggage on time, but in the event it is delayed or misplaced, we will make reasonable efforts to return mishandled baggage within twenty-four hours and compensate you for reasonable expenses due to delay in delivery and/or as required by applicable international agreements for international flights. If we cannot locate your bag within 21 days it will be considered lost, and we will reimburse you for any fee charged to transport your bag.  Federal rules require any limit on an airline’s baggage liability to be at least $3,500 per passenger.

Claims for lost or damaged baggage can be submitted to the follow:

Eastern Airlines

ATTN: Luggage Resolution Department

550 E. Swedesford Road, Suite #210

Wayne, PA 19087


We will hold reservations at the quoted fare without payment, or allow you to cancel a reservation without penalty, for at least twenty-four hours after the reservation is made if the reservation is made one week or more prior to a flight’s departure.

Ticket Refunds

We will issue refunds after receiving a completed refund request for credit card purchases, including any fees for optional services if you were unable to use the services due to an oversold situation or flight cancellation.

Refund requests made be submitted to:

Eastern Airlines

ATTN: Customer Support

550 E. Swedesford Road, Suite #210

Wayne, PA 19087

Properly Accommodating Passengers with Disabilities and Other Special-Needs Passengers

Eastern Airlines complies with the Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights | US Department of Transportation.  Our policies are intended to ensure full compliance with all federal regulations regarding passengers with disabilities, including providing transportation to, from, and between gates, and assisting passengers with disabilities during the boarding and deplaning process.

In addition, we will work to ensure children travelling alone remain safe and comfortable during their flight. For more information, refer to our contract of carriage section.

Lengthy Tarmac Delays

During lengthy tarmac delays we will keep passengers timely informed on the status of the delay.  Within three hours for domestic flights and four hours for international flights, we will return to the gate and allow passengers to deplane, unless it is unsafe to do so.  During a lengthy tarmac delay, we will offer water and snacks within two hours of either leaving the gate or landing, and ensure the lavatories remain accessible.

For more information, please see our Tarmac Delay Plan.


We will treat any passenger denied boarding due to an oversold flight with fairness and consistency.  In the event a flight is oversold, we will first solicit volunteers to give up their seats.  In the event there are not enough volunteers, we may deny boarding to passengers pursuant to our contract of carriage.  Certain passengers denied boarding will be eligible for compensation.

For more information, please see our Contract of Carriage.

Disclosing Cancellation Policies, Frequent Flyer Rules, Aircraft Seating Configuration, and Lavatory Availability

Information on our cancellation policies, frequent flyer rules, aircraft seating configuration, and lavatory availability can be found below, and from our telephone reservations staff upon request at 1-855-216-7601.

All policies can be found in our Contract of Carriage

Changes in Travel Itinerary

We will attempt to contact you using the contact information provided in your reservation about changes in your travel itinerary when the event is known at least one hour before departure.

Ensuring Responsiveness to Consumer Problems

We will provide written acknowledgment within 30 days of receiving a written consumer complaint, and will send a substantive response within 60 days of receiving the complaint.

Complaints may be submitted to the following:

Eastern Airlines

ATTN: Customer Support

550 E. Swedesford Road, Suite #210

Wayne, PA 19087

Identifying Services Provided to Mitigate Passenger Inconveniences Resulting From Flight Cancellations and Misconnections

In the event of a cancellation or misconnection, we will attempt to either rebook you on an alternative flight or refund your money.